Better Internet Awaits.

Get ready for something big. Uncompromised Speeds. No Data Limits. Low Latency.
Explore the features Prestige has to offer to keep your business and family connected.

Say Goodbye to Satellite Internet!

Our network harnesses a variety of cutting-edge technologies giving you an ultra-fast internet experience in your home or business rain or shine.

No Hidden Fees!

What you see is what you get. Or better put – what you sign up for is exactly what will be delivered – promised performance. No hidden pricing, reliable internet for a fixed monthly price.

No Data Limits!

Stream all the movies, watch videos, surf the web, e-mail, chat, play online games, work or study – be connected without data caps or restrictions.

Why Hobble Creek?

Prestige will be expanding broadband services in your area as part of our focus and commitment to provide ultra fast, reliable high-speed Internet to under served communities in Utah County.

As part of our long term investment to serve the residents of Hobble Creek Canyon, we will be installing fiber optics and fixed wireless within the community in multiple phases.

We’ve provided a map showing the first 3 subdivisions services will be available. If you’re home or business is not in a listed area, feel free to reach out to us and express interest in bringing Prestige to you’re area.

Service Area

Now Available!

Phase 1 – Grindstone and Kelly’s Grove Phase 2 – Holiday Hills
Phase 3 – Haven

Coming Soon!


Extended Service Area(s)
Phase 4A – Lower Left Fork
Phase 4B – Upper Left Fork

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